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Digital Workplace Services EN

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Our Digital Workplace Services area focuses on the key processes that allow for the continuous operation of user tasks, making an effective incidence management and responding to requests regardless of the platform that is being used.

How we do

We follow the best IT Process Management practices

Our offer, based on ITIL standards, follows the best IT Process Management practices and allows us to adopt a Continuous Service Improvement Program, which for Softinsa corresponds to one of the most relevant processes during the provision of continuous services.

Improvement of support processes and reduction of response/resolution times

Trend analysis, development and execution of preventive and corrective plans

Support in evaluation processes and Desktop and Workstation evolution

Desktop virtualisation services, supply and renovation of workstations and equipment

Possibility to include automation tools, associated with systems and with end-user support flow

Proactive Endpoint Management tools and automatic user reset/unlock


An integrated offer

Our services


Service Desk (1st Line)

  • Single Contact Point (PUC) for support (omni channel) available in multiplatforms
  • Centralised management and monitoring of incidents and requests, from their communication, registration, analysis and forwarding to resolution
  • Support to the use of IT infrastructures, including diagnosis and resolution of incidents at the 1st level of support, functional and application support
  • Registration, forwarding and follow-up of requests addressed to the 2nd level of support and to the on-site support teams

Remote and Local Support (2nd and 3rd Line)

  • Support and complement of the 1st Level support team
  • Remote support for desktops, laptops, POs, mobile devices and other equipment for incident resolution and software installation on workstations
  • Local intervention on workstations (desktops, laptops, POs, mobile devices, printers and other peripherals) for incident resolution and order execution
  • Equipment inventory management and updating

Platform Management

  • Creation, maintenance and certification of equipment images
  • Integrated Mobile Device Management
  • Creation of software packages
  • Centralised distribution and publishing of software and applications
  • Applying security updates to operating systems
  • Device security policy management
  • Antivirus software and subscription maintenance and management

Workstation and Application Virtualisation Solutions

  • Support in the Desktop and Workstation evaluation and evolution processes (desktop virtualisation services, supply and renovation of workstations and equipment)
  • Less management complexity
  • More productive users
  • More security when accessing the corporate desktop

Cognitive Solutions and User Support Automation

  • Automation tools, associated with systems and end-user support flow (Proactive Endpoint Management tools and automatic user reset/unlock)
  • Analytical and cognitive business and IT Management flow support tools
  • Evolution of the channels of contact with the end user for self-service components, Cognitive IVRs and Chatbots
  • Improvement of service quality and user experience in the support process